Teen Night OBX has been hosting fun, safe events for teens since 1997.  This is the full nightclub experience with three floors of fun.


The OBX Nightclub Just For Teens!

A booming sound system.  An amble dance floor.  And a DJ on stage spinning a high energy mix of the latest hip hop and nightclub classics will have you moving all night.


Experience Teen Night

The doors open at 9:30, and we wrap things up at 1 in the morning!



Who Will Be At Teen Night

Teen Night is a dance event for teens, so you have to be a teen to attend.  Yes, at least 13 and not over 19.  Everyone always asks, “How old are most people that come to Teen Night?”  Our answer is that you don’e have to worry, there will be plenty of people your age here!  Younger teens tend to come early, and older teens tend to stay later.  And in case you are a parent, feel confident in the safety of your teens knowing that there is plenty of adult supervision and  security.