Teen Night OBX has been hosting fun, safe events for teens since 1997.  This is the full nightclub experience with three floors of fun.

Teens Cheer for the DJ at Teen Night!

TeenNightOBX. Real. Epic. Fun.

Booming sound. Pulsing nightclub lighting. Bodies moving. And the DJ on stage is spinning hip hop, trap, and high energy edm like there’s no tomorrow.

These regulars love Teen Night!

Time to Remember. Forever!

The doors open at 9:30, and we wrap things up at 1 in the morning!  An unreal SnapStory in the making!  #AwesomeSummer #OBX #TeenNightOBX


Line to get into Teen Night

Who Will Be At Teen Night?

“How old are most people that come to Teen Night?”  Don’t worry, plenty of people are your age.  Younger teens tend to come early, and older teens tend to stay later.